About us

My artist bio

My passion for design started as a child...

Since I can remember I had the need to create beautiful things.  Today I am honored to be able to make beautiful jewelry from gemstones, pearls and crystals.  I love every moment spent in my studio, making jewelry.  A great part of the reward is the joy it gives to the person who buys or receives it.

The name

In case you’re wondering just how I came up with the name, studio|twentyone, I have my husband to thank for that.  We were married on the 21st of the month and at the time of registering a name I had been working, doing arts and crafts in my studio for several years already.  Now, since my studio was the place where it all happened, and also because I wanted to use something that will always be meaningful to me, I decided to go with my favorite place to be at work in and my most precious date.